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US Consortium proposes to turn Lapindo Mudflow into Power Plant

The consortium consists of Houston-based company Vlociti Holding Inc, Sirex PHS, Preston US and Turbo Jacks, the Berlin, Germany-based company which owns the relevant technology. PT Jatayu Sarana Investasi is the project owner/coordinator, as well as acting as their consultant and sub-contractor in Indonesia.

Vlociti Holding Inc President Director, Taswin Tarib, presented the proposal to the office of Vice President Jusuf Kalla. Representing the Vice President was special staff coordinator, Alwi Hamu, who studied the proposal.

Taswin said his company is not a newcomer in the geothermal business, having carried out explorations on geothermal sites in the US and Germany, each with more than 300 megawatt source of power.

Taswin said the electricity generated from geothermal heat in Sidoarjo can be sold to state-owned electricity company PLN for 2-3 Euro cents per kWh, and can contribute towards solving the electricity crisis in Indonesia.

““We are not asking for any collateral from the government or the PLN, nor will we use Indonesian government funds. The funds will come from our group,”” he said at the Vice President’s office yesterday.

Sources : http://indosnesos.blogspot.com/2008/07/us-consortium-proposes-to-turn-lapindo.html

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